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Improve Citrix-stack efficiency on premises and in the cloud

Smart Tools is a set of cloud-based tools to help you speed up and simplify the design, deployment, and management of Citrix solutions across any on-premises or cloud environment. Get the benefits of automation, proactively check the health of your systems, and keep costs under control with on-demand scaling.  

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Explore what you can do with Citrix Smart Tools  

Smart Check

Proactively diagnose and repair issues in your Citrix environments

  • Run regular health checks on your XenApp and XenDesktop sites.
  • Discover and solve issues before they impact your end users.
  • Receive notifications about found issues, the impact, and recommended fixes.
  • Maintain control by choosing which updates are deployed and when, using your own processes.
  • Aggregate several diagnostic and troubleshooting tools published by Citrix, including Citrix Insight Services.
Smart Scale

Automatically adjust server power to control costs of public-cloud deployments

  • Power servers on and off based on usage, load, and peak times to optimize your infrastructure, predict costs, and ensure availability.
  • Manage your capacity to accommodate peaks in demand or end-user schedules and behaviors with load- or scheduled-based scaling.

Make IT more agile while lowering costs

Design, deploy, and manage application services from anywhere, on any device, though a cloud-based management console. A low initial investment and flexible pay-as-you-go model allows you to incrementally invest in the product subscription as value is realized. The cloud-based delivery model requires limited on-premises installation of software, allowing painless upgrades as additional functionality is added to the product.

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