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Compared to the advancements in compute and storage virtualization, networking has fallen behind in fully realizing the promise of enterprise cloud computing. The dynamic nature of cloud services requires a new level of flexibility and scalability, which goes beyond the capabilities of today’s data center networks. Transitioning to software-defined networking (SDN) incorporates programmability and agility into your network, enabling it to keep pace with business demands.

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NetScaler was created to transform traditional networks into next-gen, app-driven enterprises. Designed for use in virtualized networks, it’s ideally suited to integrate with SDN and cloud orchestration systems. The platform combines the flexibility of virtualization with the resiliency, reliability, and performance of purpose-built network appliances. Eliminating the need for multiple physical devices, a single NetScaler can be deployed in a multi-tenant environment, while also offering traffic isolation and dedicated resources per tenant. Administrators can rightsize instances based on the workload required per tenant, with fine-grained control over the CPU, memory, and SSL hardware resources, to achieve performance goals.

From existing physical networks to various software-defined network models, such as OpenDaylight or a virtual network overlay, NetScaler can benefit any enterprise. Citrix delivers the same functions and features across all of our NetScaler ADC platforms, physical or virtual, so that any of them can be integrated into an environment and provide the necessary L4–L7 network services to ensure application availability, performance, and security.

Current SDN technologies operate at L2-3 layers and are missing the opportunity to truly deliver on the full promise of the solution. The next-generation NetScaler platform unifies best-in-class L4-7 network services into an application control layer, and can integrate this application control with both existing transport networks and emerging SDN technologies. This application control layer can make emerging L2-3 SDN architectures completely app-driven, by using app-centric definitions and policies to simplify network design, while making the whole network more intelligent.

With its centralized management plane, NetScaler alleviates the overhead and sprawl usually associated with serving complex networking applications. Through intuitive workflows, administrators can enable provisioning and deploying of new network services on demand. The central plane also acts as a single point of visibility, providing a coherent view of the operational characteristics for all the instances running on the appliance. This software-driven approach makes it possible to successfully support the dynamic changes inherent in today’s cloud-based, app-driven environment.

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NetScaler ADC

  • The easiest way to transform your infrastructure to a software-defined network with the highest security, performance, and reliability
  • Unifies L4-7 network services into an application control layer, and can make L2-3 architectures completely app-driven
  • Provides policy-based automation administered through a single console, for more efficiency, higher performance, and lower OPEX costs


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