Increase business agility with the cloud and digital workspaces

Organizations of all sizes are embracing the cloud to increase business agility and flexibility. However, the journey to the cloud and ongoing management can be complex. A digital workspace simplifies your cloud migration and management while delivering a better user experience and protecting your data. Everything your employees need to get work done is provided with a user-centric experience.

See how Citrix Cloud services enable you to deliver a secure digital workspace from any cloud or infrastructure.

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Citrix solves challenges of cloud adoption by giving you the flexibility to move your workloads to any cloud. You can even keep some of your workloads on premises with the ability to manage it all from a single console.

Citrix Workspace offers the simplest, most flexible way to deliver apps, desktops, and data in the cloud. Everything your employees need to get work done is provided with a simple, consistent experience through the Workspace app.

Citrix Workspace also delivers a high-performance experience through reliable connections, network optimization, better application load times, through adaptive, and context-aware virtualization technologies, ensuring quality experience regardless of source, network, or device.

With cloud services sourced from multiple vendors, security is inconsistent and access is fragmented. Citrix Workspace gives IT the capabilities to monitor, regulate, and manage cloud security risks such as denying users access to questionable websites. Citrix Workspace also helps prevent data leakage and ensure secure file sharing between employees and partners through consistent security policies across all platforms.

Citrix product

Citrix Workspace

  • Move to the cloud at your own pace with the flexibility to manage workloads - on-premises and in the cloud - from a single console
  • Maintain productivity and deliver a great cloud experience
  • Mitigate cloud risk by monitoring user actions and denying users access to questionable websites

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